MPARE (2012-now)

My work at MPARE started out as an internship position, originated from my internship at Liandon. During this project I’ve contributed technically to the new internal Alliander start-up MPARE. This regards both the development of the high-level concept and the low-level specifications of a new type of consumer-oriented smart-grid communication infrastructure. Over time became a part-time occupation, covering a broad spectrum of hardware evaluation, firmware development, application development and providing instruction material.

Liandon (2012)

This regards my internship position at Liandon, which mainly consists of my contribution to the new Alliander internal start-up MPARE My secondary project was the development of a set of recommendations for the continuation of the Bronsbergen microgrid pilot project environment. My internship formally moved to MPARE as of the start of 2013.

Magic-Events (2002-2012)

Part-time in-house technician and incidental VJ or DJ for Magic-Events. This includes planning, site management, customer contact and above all live performance using both hardware and software solutions.

Earlier working experience (2002-2007)

During this period I had three jobs. At Kwekerij Roelofs 2002-2005 I was a picker picking cucumbers and later tomatoes. At Snel BV 2005-2007 I was a part-time machine operator on machines involved in window patching, folding, gluing and packaging paper and plastic packings. At Super de Boer 2005-2007 I was a store clerk responsible for filling the racks with goods, while restructuring the internal logistics on the side.


FSFE (2014-now)

Related to my affinity with and my concerns about free software I became a Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe. As a Fellow I’ve taken part in events and discussions and have contributed as part of both the translation team and the educational team.

ESAC (2010-2014)

At the Eindhoven Student Alpine Club I have been in multiple committees and I was also the secretary of the 35th board. In these years amongst other things I have organized multiple events and trainings including commercial abseiling activities, and have been responsible for communication via the website, newsletter and magazine.

Waldur (2010-2013)

Waldur is the power systems part of the electrical engineering student association Thor and as an active member I’ve helped organize events including some excursions.

Thor (2007-2011)

Thor is the electrical engineering student association and as a member I’ve organized some fun events, as well as filled a redaction position at the electrical engineering magazine in cooperation with the faculty.


In this volleyball association I took part in a special program organizing and executing additional training activities and organizing a camp to conclude the program. Education

Technical University of Eindhoven (2007-now)

Propedeuse obtained in the first-half of the second year. Master is be in the direction of Electrical Energy Systems, with an internship in the field of smart-grid technologies. My graduation at Liandon concerns fault location in low voltage systems, based on measurements in infrastructure, thus potentially providing fault information even before the engineer is on site.

During my study I took part in the Honors program and took a minor in automotive technology. I also took part in the certificate program for Technology Entrepreneurship, which covered a business plan development course, together with 3 entrepreneurial courses and several skill trainings. In this course I’ve developed a complete business plan around an internet based energy service. It helped me to look beyond technology.

Olympus College Arnhem (2001-2007)

VWO, Nature & Science specialization with a Computer Science course.

At the end of my education I was part of the Stunt Committee, in which I was part in organizing all student activities related to the graduation period, including: negotiating with school, contact with external companies and planning an event for over 200 people.