Technical expertise

My main technical expertise is on power systems and related IT-solutions. I have detailed knowledge on the structure and the components in the Dutch power grid, as well as the way it is implemented and maintained in practice. In my working environment I’ve become acquainted with current market developments and a variety of smart grid solutions. I see many opportunities in improving the infrastructure of the electrical grid, including the way information is obtained and handled and how processes are driven.

My technical knowledge concerns:
  • Electrical power system structure in theory and practice, including topics like micro grids and power quality

  • Advanced metering infrastructure and related products, standards and laws

  • Component knowledge on fuses, power cables, power circuit breakers, electrical machines, and power electronics

  • Home automation methods, initiatives and standards

  • Various open source projects, associations and methods

  • Web technologies regarding cloud services and the internet of things

  • Practical methods for adopting privacy and security


  • Dutch – Native

  • English – Professional working proficiency

  • German – Limited working proficiency

  • French – Elementary proficiency


I have experience in using programming for simulations, prototyping and product development all the way from firmware to web development, resulting in a broad programing experience. In addition I have experience in reading and interpreting code as a replacement for lacking documentation. My programming skills span a multitude of languages: C, C++, Python, PHP, Matlab (Octave), Scilab, SQL, HTML, CSS.

Project management and business development

In my working experience I’ve become acquainted to project management methods and processes, regarding both the more traditional waterfall method as well as the more dynamic Agile methods including Scrum and Kanban. Although my formal project management education is limited to university, I’ve expanded on it in practice. My practical project management experience concerns app development, development of electronics and testing.

As for business development I’ve learned about business considerations and development methods during my Technology Entrepreneurship certificate program and later at MPARE I was instructed on lean-startup method. I’ve gained practical start-up experience at MPARE, right from the beginning.

Product specification and testing

Although unrelated in practice both specification and testing require a similar skill set regarding strictness and completeness. In particular I have experience in writing specifications and tests according to a framework in order avoid missing out on crucial points.

Communication and marketing

My experience regarding communication and marketing has accumulated over the years, spanning from editing photos, texts, videos, magazines and websites to acquiring sponsorships, marketing events and marketing at conferences. A large part of my practical experience is coming from redacting the faculty magazine and from being the secretary at the student climbing association. In addition I was actively involved in developing the design and content for the website of MPARE.

Product training

Related is my experience in setting up an educational program for (product) training, regarding both the instruction material as well constructing the program and teaching. This skill has grown both as a secretary at the student climbing association teaching new students climbing techniques as well as at MPARE teaching engineers how to use the product.